Minarelli MXS twin cylinder kit

We proudly present the result of many years of development: the MXS Racing Twin Cylinder Crankcase, a high-end product designed byMXS Racing – only for specialists and insiders! We followed a "Zero Compromise" policy when designing this piece. This CNC-machined billet aluminium case (AW6082) contains a 180° twin cylinder crankshaft with 49mm stroke and 95mm connecting rods, balanced by Tungsten counterweights. The crankshaft has larger than standard 25mm journals, the crankwebs are 3mm thicker than standard webs. Together they result in maximum torsion rigidity and stability. The case was designed for Maxiscoot's flagship cylinder, the MXS GP 90cc. The kit complementing this MXS Racing twin cylinder crankcase includes 2 CNC-cut anodized green intake spacers that are also made from aluminium AW6062. They allow mounting Honda CR85 or Derbi reed valves meant to be used with this crankcase. Also included are 2 "3D" intake manifolds with 34.5 - 35mm diameter for 40mm connection plus corresponding adapters. Installing this twin cylinder case requires some modifications to your engine case; a detailed machining plan is included


Special order, please allow 1 week extra for delivery.