Koso 100 multi gauge

Koso Digital/Analogue Speedometer/Tachometer Cockpit RX2, multi-functional measuring instrument by renowned company Koso with plenty of features for racing as well as for everyday riding.


  • speedometer (km/h or mph), up to 360 km/h / 223mph
  • odometer up to 99,999.99 km
  • trip meter up to 999.99 km
  • oil + water temperature
  • analogue tachometer
  • fuel gauge
  • clock
  • lights for indicators, headlights, neutral etc.

There are many more features and alarm lamps, but these are the most important ones. Definitely a full-featured, easy-to-use speedometer.

Manual and instructions are in English, as always with Koso products.

PLEASE ALLOW FOR 1 week lead time on this special order part