Stage6 2 color multimeter

Stage6 multi-feature tachometer for 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines, even suitable for engines with more than 1 cylinder. It is powered by a button cell, you'll only need your 12V battery for the (blue) lighting.


- tachometer up to 22,000rpm
- engine temperature with adjustable overheat and over-rev alarm

You can use adapters by Koso to use this device on liquid-cooled engines that do not have threads for temperature sensors. These T-shaped adapters are available in different diameters and are placed on the coolant hose.

Measurements: 80x45mm.

A sensor "PT 1/8" Minarelli is included (such as S6-4030ET01).


If you need temp for a 14mm spark plug, you will need these also

Manual and instructions are in English.