Honda Aero

Honda Spree Polini Carb Kit for Stock Manifold

Tired of your junk spree/aero 50/elite carb? need something bigger and better for your bike without breaking the bank? This is a kit, which will ditch your old carb, in favor of a new, correctly sized polini carb. It bolts onto your stock manifold, so you can ditch your old airbox. Comes with a remote mount choke cable, so you don't have to reach under the plastics to get to the choke. This setup leaves your plastics uncut, and unharmed. This kit comes with the following polini carburetor mounting flange for stock manifold polini choke cable kit polini pod filter carb cable These carbs use polini pilot jets, and standard pwk style hex mains. This does not replace your stock manifold. PLEASE specify the size of carb you want. 15, 17, 19, or 21


these will come with either polini filter or stage6