Yamaha Zuma '02-'11

Malossi Overrange Variator Kit "La Furia Rossa" For Minarelli

The variator is one of the most important components in a scooter. One of Malossi's top quality variators is the Overrange variator. Malossi added other high-end components to improve power transmission even more

The entire kit was redesigned and improved. It includes an improved Malossi Overrange variator with optimized roller tracks and a ramp plate with sliders and sleeve. The most striking new element is "La Furia Rossa", a great-looking red rear torque drive pulley. It is CNC-machined from top quality aluminium, with drilled small holes for improved cooling and better grip.

It comes with 2 sets of roller weights, a special Kevlar-reinforced drive belt, a torque spring, shims and washers and a tube of high-resistant grease.

The Overrange variator is constantly worked on by Malossi engineers and boasts many state-of-the-art features - the drive belt has better grip, heat dissipation was improved and it is more robust and resistant.


  • Roller weights: 19x19.5mm
  • For Minarelli vertical / horizontal long AC / LC