Honda elite 4.5" stretch kit

This kit is for the guys wanting to stretch, lower, or just keep the wheel on the ground. These kits will work on 88-01 honda elites! And guess what, this also serves as a Dio swap kit into your pre 94 elite. WILL NOT WORK ON ELITE "E". This kit is HAND BUILT in USA. ScooterSwapShop takes PRIDE in their products. Profit margins are smaller, but I believe in having parts made right here in the usa, if at all possible. This is the ONLY kit on the market for the elites, and the ONLY kit made in the usa. Slick black powdercoat finish, complete with fresh oem honda motor mount bushings, STR8 shock riser kit, and new lengthened brake cable. once you hold the kit in your hand, you will have no doubt about the quality put into this mount. This is everything you will need to lengthen your bike. On OEM carbs, you may need to modify your throttle cable. On bikes with aftermarket cables, it works perfect. Choose from a 60mm, or 40mm riser. 60mm is going to be stock height, 40mm will be lower. This mount will also clear your center stand! This also gives you some adjustability for guys running different shocks. You will need to remove the rubber bushing from your old mount, and slide on to this one.



please allow a couple days for pressing new bushings into each mount after purchase. 

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