Scooterswapshop Mystery Bag

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So, we have PILES and PILES of good parts around here, that we don't have in the system, and we're tired of looking at so what better way then to send it to you? There is no guarantee of what your going to get "hence mystery". We have pistons, shirts, open box parts, nuts 'n bolts, etc. The value of these parts will greatly surpass the cost of the box, so whats to lose? Are you going to get a Honda elite gear set, and a good used Polini filter, with a set of open box Stage6 rollers? Maybe. Are you going to get a zuma 125 cooling fan, a doughnut, some base gaskets, and a cylinder head? Maybe. There's no telling what you'll get, but that's the point right? There is NO guarantee what you will get! There are no returns or complaints with this, do it at your own risk. You can't request specific parts either.  If you've been a kick ass customer of ours, you better be aware were going to  return the favor and send you kick ass stuff. If your a Facebook member and get a bag do us a favor and post up and tag us, this should be a lot of fun :)

You can buy as many as you want. The more you buy the larger the items and the package. 

IF shown out of stock its due to you guys cleaning us out! Give us a bit more time to stock up, check back soon :)