Yasuni C16 Carrera

The Carrera C16 is a racing system that carries the typical Yasuni attributes like the neat way the silencer attaches and the industrial but elegant bracket configuration. Top this off with a very revvy disposition and high top speed and you have the perfect pipe. The quality on this pipe will be evident, when you behold, all of its glory in your hands. The yasuni beat out every other pipe, in the below competition. Read around a bit and you will understand why the yasuni kills the other competition. Party on wayne.

qoutes from tuningmatters.com

The Ultimate Scooter Tuning Exhaust Test (70cc Sport)

"The overall performance winner of the scooter tuning exhaust test is the Yasuni C16. It is not the cheapest exhaust in the test and it only slightly outperforms other exhaust but tuning is about max power and this is what the Yasuni brings to the table."

"Yasuni C16

The winner of the test comes from Spain and offer incredible 11hp and 9.996rpm.  real racing exhaust with great and exclusive looks. "