Dio 2 AF27 / AF28

Elite Upgear Kit

When doing a big bore kit, you need gears. Without them you are never going to take advantage of the extra power. Choose whichever set fits your needs. I suggest going for taller gears, if you do a lot of flat top speed riding, and shorter ones if you like acceleration, and stop/go.

Rebuild your final drive while you're in there, get the full rebuild kit HERE

15x42 is best for stock/mild 72 builds, 9.8:1

16x42-16x36 is best for 72cc builds, 9.2:1

17x41 is best for smaller cc stroker bikes, 8.2:1

18x41 is best for large cc stroker bikes, 7.9:1

19x37 downhill smashers only, 6.8:1